Game of Thrones: Why Jack Gleeson who played Joffrey left GOT.

I urge you to listen to this talk. For a young adult- he speaks more wisdom/truth than most of the generation today 👌


The Tale of Jiggs and Woo

A story/poem i wrote for my 4 years old son; feel free to share with your babies too.
The tiny tales of Jiggs and Woo.

The land of Nothing.

It was a dark warm night in the middle of May,

Little Jiggs was tired, he’d had a long day,

He got into bed and tried to unwind

But too many thoughts rushed through his mind.

Hours went by, but awake he stayed,

It was like his mind was on parade.

Getting frustrated, Jiggs kicked his feet,


He moved his pillow, to sit upright,

And pulled his cover towards him tight,

Closed his eyes to make a wish,

“Remove my thoughts so they don’t exist!”

Then something changed, Jiggs didn’t feel right,

A weird sensation filled him with fright,

He opened his eyes to look around,

His bed was gone! He was on the ground!

Miles of space with nothing there,

His room had vanished into thin air.

How long had he been here? Time felt slow!

But in this land of nothing, how would he know?

Jiggs tried to think, had his wish come true,

But nothing sprung to mind, no thoughts came through.

Jiggs began to panic, he couldn’t seem to think,

His mind had gone blank in this land of nothing.

He sat on the floor and began to feel blue.

When out of the darkness appeared his friend Woo.

Jiggs felt relieved if one thing was true

In times of trouble, Woo knew what to do!

Woo looked at Jiggs and gave him a smile,

“Well it looks like you have been here a while!”

“Come on” called Woo, “Let’s go explore”

He put his hand out and pulled Jiggs off the floor.

“Oh dear” said Jiggs “you don’t understand!”

“I’ve lost my imagination to this barren land!”

“Well let’s go and find it!” Woo cried with glee!

“I know a few places where it maybe.”

Jiggs tried to think if this idea was wise,

But his mind was still blank, which was no surprise.

So into the nothing they started to travel,

To see if this mystery soon would unravel.

When all of a sudden there came a loud rumble,

Like something quite large had taken a tumble,

“A GIANT!!” Woo cried! “Let’s say Hello!”

Jiggs looked afraid “I’d rather not go”

But off Woo flew without hesitation,

“Maybe he can help find your lost imagination!”

The Giant was tall, his stomach was round,

He had a grey beard which dragged on the ground,

Rushing about like he had something to do,

But stopped in his tracks when he saw Woo.

“Hello there Giant, I wonder if you know?!”

Where about in this land an imagination may go?

My poor friend Jiggs feels quite dismayed,

He fears his imagination has been mislaid”

The Giant looked puzzled then burst into laughter,

And carried on stomping and left shortly after.

Poor old Jiggs, the giant must not know,

The place where all imaginations go.

Deeper they travelled into the land,

Walking through rocks, gravel and sand.

Then outta of nowhere came a loud ROARRR,


“Come on” Called Woo “Let’s say hello!”

But Jiggs looked afraid “I’d rather not go”

But off Woo flew without hesitation,

“He can help find your lost imagination!”

The Dinosaur was green and wide,

His long shiny tale looked like a slide,

His arms where muscly that he seemed to flex,

“It appears” said Woo “We’ve found a T-Rex!”

The Dinosaur looked and stopped with a THUD!

“A T-t-t-t-tttt-Rex” Jiggs stuttered, “This can’t be good”

“Hello Mr Dino, I wonder if you know?!

Where about in this land an imagination may go?

My poor friend Jiggs feels quite dismayed,

He fears his imagination has been mislaid”

The dinosaur looked puzzled then roared with laughter,

And carried on roaring and left shortly after.

Poor old Jiggs, the Dino must not know,

The place where all imaginations go.

As time ticked on they met more creatures,

Like Aliens who had the strangest features,

A Dragon who blew fire from his nose,

To Trolls who had the hairiest toes,

A Ghost who vanished into thin air,

And a Princess with bright magical hair,

And all when asked about Jigg’s imagination,

Laughed and left without explanation.

But Woo continued on with his friend’s quest,

Until the mystery was solved he wouldn’t rest.

Jiggs grew tired, he’d had a long day,

And with a loud groan he began to say:

“This is so hopeless, what do I do?

If my imaginations gone, I’ll always feel blue!

How will I dream if my mind is so blank

Running on empty without my think tank”

Jiggs looked sad, his head dropped down,

His once happy self started to frown,

“Come on Jiggs, that’s such a sad face.

Come with me to one last place!”

So Jiggs carried on because if one thing was true,

His good friend Woo knew what to do!

Jumping hills then climbing trees,

Sailing over the seven seas,

Around volcanos then underground,

Jiggs imagination was sure to be found!

When all of a sudden Woo cried “ITS HERE!”

“Quick come Jiggs, you have nothing to fear!”

Jiggs edged closer, but all he could see,

Was a neatly placed mirror attached to a tree.

Jiggs looked at Woo, “I don’t understand?

Why bring me here in this nothing land?”

Woo flew towards the mirror and began to say,

“The mirrors reflection will show you the way!”

So Jiggs looked up upon his reflection,

Trying to work out what was the connection?

“A mirror? the answer? How can this be?

There’s nothing inside it, just little old me!”

But the longer he stared he saw something there,

A Princess appeared with magical hair,

A Troll, a Dinosaur an Alien too,

A Giant, a Ghost and then his friend Woo

“You see” Woo said “Your imagination is here!

It never did leave, it was always quite near

All you needed was a little direction,

To lead you to your own reflection,

To see the things you could not find,

The magical thoughts inside your mind!

With an imagination so big, how could you doubt?

The thoughts your think tank had been throwing out!

The land of nothing came alive,

The minute that you stepped inside”

Jiggs thought about the sights he’d seen,

His head was now a flowing stream,

Thoughts and images flooded his mind,

With eyes wide open he had been so blind,

He burst into laughter and said with glee,

“No wonder everyone was laughing at me!

Fancy asking your own minds creation,

To help you find your lost imagination!”

“Is this a dream?” Jiggs asked Woo

“Is there a way home for us two?”

“Just use your imagination!” Woo politely replied

“The answers you seek, are hidden inside!”

So Jiggs closed his eyes and imagined his bed,

He thought of his room, and resting his head.

Then something changed, he felt quite alone,

He opened his eyes to find he was home.

“Where could Woo be?! Jiggs started to wonder,

So he used his imagination

And like a clap of thunder,

Woo appeared with a BOOM!

And started buzzing around his room!

“I’m so glad you’re here my best friend Woo!”

“I couldn’t ask for an imaginary friend, greater than you!

Deep Thinkers- Why?

I don’t know about you, but i’m a deep thinker. I can be minding my own buisness one minute then a little thought creeps in ever so silentley and whispers “Sophie, what do you think your purpose is,  is their meaning for your life? ” and just like that i am staring into the abyss of the darker, least used side of my brain going deeper and deeper into thought, from the outside i think i look like this:

But realistically, it is probabley something more like this:

I find it very rare nowadays to find someone who has similar thoughts, living in the society i do surrounded by materalisim, people like to go as deep as the first layer of their dermis, these issues are no longer thought or cared about, but damn they know how to dress an empty box, to look good on the outside is all that matters in this day an age, God help our children.

But for some people, these kind of thoughts are merely just thoughts and dare i say it, even kind of boring- they don’t egnite the soul, they don’t lead you into a spiral of epithany and wonder,you simply do not care. My husband for example, we could not be more chalk and cheese in some respects…soul searching for him is more “what makes me feel really nostalgic” so he will then go to a gamer store, buy some old games and play on them, this is his happy place. But ask him, “why do you think we are here?” And i see his eyes glaze over in bordom and his mind reverts back to his happy place-playing mario cart for nintendo 64 as he respondes “Dunno, to die” urghhhhhh the soul crushing realism of how different our thought process is!

Maybe this is something to do with my anxiety, the living in the future rather than the present, the different wiring of my brian and triggers that make me think. Maybe growing up surrounded by green english pastures and beautiful nature has set of these life narratives- there is more to life than we think, there has got to be! Maybe in those moments of emotion when the world is out of our control and i realise i am an ant so small and helpless and nothing i do really can control my fate- maybe we are in a game like The Sims, and someone is pointing and clicking options for us to take (if this is so, please hand of fate- please don’t put me in a swimming pool then take away the ladder to get out) sim geeks will understand that last bit. Maybe its that small leap of faith i have taken from being an athiest to believeing in a greater being…maybe just maybe….

I guess these are questions that make some brains tick and others clock off.

A quote for a believer;

A quote for the non-believer;